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Subject:Hobo Naming Contest!
Time:11:27 am
Current Mood:cheerful(This mood theme sucks) XD

So you may have noticed that Stacey and I have no life; and when we hang out we roleplay until 3 in the morning. But Our insanity has spawned a new NPC:


We were planning on Riku and Kairi (and probably Axel too) just calling him 'Hobo' for the rest of forever. But there are factors (like employing Hobo to work in the coffee shop when it's ready) that require him to have a real name.

Starting today, then, I am happy to bring you you our Hobo Naming Contest as I have no talent in this department and Stacey told me to!

So if anyone has a good name for our lovely Hobo, let us know! We'll pick the best one and the winner will:
~have the joy of naming hobo!
~Get Recognition!
~Have undying love from the Mods (which all of you already have)

So, four excellent frizes for whoever can think up the best name for Hobo! No rush though; we don't know when we'll need it.

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Time:11:25 am
Heyyy, Michelle and I thought it would be cool if there was a 14-year-old DiZ running around being HORRIBLY bitchy and cunty and ruining everything and scaring Riku and shizz. <3 Michelle was like, "MAKE A POST AND SEE IF ANYONE OBJECTS OMG OMG OMG OMGM BKJDGHKJGLAIGYHA" So, would anyone object terribly if I wished to? :D
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Current Location:Your MOM
Subject:Oh man.
Time:04:01 pm
Current Mood:giddygiddy
I love you guys. Every time I read like... ANYTHING, I just sort of ROFFLE.

We almost have our twelve Orgy XIII people. ^_^ We're just missing Vexen and Lexy, but our Demy and Xiggy are really inactive, so we might need replacements for them, too. That would suck because they're both so great. DX Still, if anyone would be interested in taking on any of them, tell one of us, kay? We don't care if you already have two characters, 'cause there can be exceptions to it.

So, welcome back to all the people who left. The RP is FLYING now. <3 This is easily one of the best RPs I've done ever, because you all are so freakin' awesome.

Ummmm. Oh, yeah, so soon Arion's going to go over to Rory's house and get him high to see what will happen. XD Anyone want to be in on that, too? I already talked to Axel-chan about it and I think she wants to join in. ^^ xD I thought it might be fun to have Elly there and she could gank Muriel or something, if you wish.

I should go pimp some more to get us a Lexy and a Vexen. @_@ But it's so damn hot.

OH~! Michelle's birthday is July 12th. ^_^ XD It's a little over two weeks away and I'm already freaking out about what I'm going to get her. I am so lame. She'll be sixteen. (I love how you guys are all WAAAAY older than us. XD)

Mmmmn, that's all I have to say. Love y'all. <3 You guys are AMAZING. Seriously. I'm afraid to go read anything else for fear I'll shoot tea through my nose with laughter.

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Time:03:50 pm
Current Mood:creativecreative
Ex Animo is Love bannerCollapse )
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Time:08:07 pm
Current Mood:groggygroggy
Just a very short entry with a general note for you all: Things might get a little slow soon, since I have to focus on the last few days of school and I have to go visit my sick grandmother this weekend (she's blind, epileptic, schizophrenic, has had strokes, hemachromatosis... @_@) and our Axel-chan is going out of town for two weeks. So if you're going to be lazy about RPing, now's a good time. XD

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Current Music:Emily Loizeau - Je Suis Jalouse
Subject:Mod update.
Time:05:51 pm
Current Mood:bouncy
Hey, look. It's my FACE. Squee.

So, just some things to note: I get out of school soon, but I'm going to be more likely to be on during the day. I'm a conformist and I won't be nocturnal! Grrr. XD School is out Thursday for me. Eeeee.

I think our Axel-chan had a birthday? If so, the EA family wishes you a happy birthday, luv! ^_^

Also, is anyone interested in taking up any of the remaining characters?

I'd like it if y'all could like, post ideas/ramblings/whatever in the OOC comm. It's not JUST for modly posts; that's what we have this for. ^_^ We need to have a big plotbunny discussion somewhere so go ahead and post anything there. x3

Mmmn, I guess that's all I have to say. I can't wait for school to end. I totally am in love with my Rory. He's so... 8th-grade-just-about-to-be-in-9th. XD He'll grow into his angsty, pissy, cunty Roxas-self in a bit. I want to get a naive Rory for a little while. XD I like having Kairi and Riku all fucked up, too. They're just all fabulous.

This was quite short but I'm rather tired and might go off for a nap. <3 Love all of you.
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Current Music:none
Current Location:school
Time:12:38 pm
I'm sort of (PLEASANTLY, trust me) surprised that we found such a great crew for the RP so quickly. I'm so excited. <3

Welcome to the Ex Animo family, mydealicious, xigzagsniper, ohso_elly, viii_of_flames and queenbeebitch. ^_^ We almost have the whole Organization, and hopefully that will change and soon we'll have everybody. ^___^ Eeeeee.

So, I guess you all can start RPing, posting in your journals and posting anything in the OOC comm. Rawr. <.< I'm superlatively excited -- perhaps a little moreso than I should be. XD I'm probably just going to talk about this with Michelle today when she comes over. <.<

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Current Music:Tatu - Loves Me Not
Time:07:18 pm
Current Mood:determineddetermined
Well, I've been running about pimping the community. I've posted at:


When I get really desperate, I'm going to start posting on Gaia. <.< I want Michelle to pimp too. XD I very passive-agressively asked her to. <3 I started Two days ago and I haven't heard anything. I'm so disappointed.

C'mon. A RP this awesome has to work out.

EDIT! WHOA! We got an application from someone. I got so excited I called Michelle up and we sort of went something along the lines of "AKLJGLJGAOJHGAJHKJLA."

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Current Music:Like a star ~ Corrine Bailey Rae
Current Location:about 5 feet below the ceiling
Subject:Michelle says: HIIIII~!!!
Time:02:35 pm
Current Mood:ecstaticExcited
Hey, Michelle here.

Stacey, as you may have noticed, has absolutely no faith in me. I play Arion/Zexion and Riku, and I have finally gotten journals made for the two (Go on and see if you can figure out who's who *shifty eyes*) But please know, I may be a bit busy but anyone can contact me (or Stacey for that matter) at anytime. I think we may be ready to recruit people sometime soon. The only thing that I can see still needing to be done is for me to finish Riku's application...

But anyway, I just wanted to get a word in edgewise here. I hope anyone looking at this page joins, this is going to be big, and so much fun. I can't wait!! Once we set sail. It'll be great... O_o sorry about that...

My regards to the Chef,
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Current Music:David Usher - Black Black Heart
Subject:First post! Whoo.
Time:08:11 pm
Current Mood:cheerfulcheerful
Well, this lovely little journal is here for Michelle and I to write in from time to time. This is so you can follow what's going on with us, et cetera. This is our shared account. Not that there is anyone to tell this to quite yet. We're not ready to recruit people.

I've never done a roleplay with such a complex plot before. Michelle and I spent forever dissecting it, analyzing it, reanalyzing it and talking about it to make sure it makes sense and all that. (If any of you see any plot holes or anything, PLEASE tell us!) Also, I've been dying to get into a serious RP with Michelle. We work VERY well together, I think. I tend to take control of everything and she's not what you would call passive, but she'll let me take control if I want to and is very helpful when I need her. So far I've done just about everything, which is all right with me. XD I have her helping out.

Today I went through and did layouts for our fun little mod journal, the communities, Kairi and Rory/Roxas. I know they're not the best, but I'm not very talented and it's something more than using the defaults. I need to finish Kairi's profile, though. ><; I just seem to have hit a roadblock when it comes to writing it, though. I suppose I don't have to rush. I haven't gotten Riku's or or Zexion's from her yet. I'm going to do it tomorrow, write the userinfo for Rory and Kairi, and hopefully start pimping.

I'm very excited. I want to do some other things, but I keep blowing my wad. DX

That's all for now. Thanks!

EDIT! We've had our first official pimpage. ajgoajgoajg

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[icon] The Mods of Ex Animo
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